Taking Responsibility

CSR Scorecard At-A-Glance

Key 2015 Plans 2015 Results 2016 Plans
Human Rights

Develop implementation strategy based on UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Completed development of our strategy and began implementation of specific short-term aspects – e.g., adjusted country-based thresholds for human rights due diligence and established an internal committee that will sharpen EDC’s human rights due diligence tools

Continue to implement and refine the human rights strategy:

  • Develop guidance for staff on human rights due diligence

  • Implement system signalling when increased human rights due diligence is required

  • Continue work to finalize human rights due diligence procedures


Implement EDC’s management response to recommendations provided in external review report

Streamlined corruption-related due diligence processes, improved staff training (particularly for business development and underwriting staff) and created more descriptive risk ratings to improve decision-making

Continue to implement recommendations

Participate in OECD review of its 2006 Recommendation on Bribery and Officially Supported Export Credits

Climate Change

Continue to execute EDC’s new procedures to ensure better quality of GHG data collected from projects

Strengthen corporate capacity by undertaking training on GHG emissions estimates and methodologies to ensure that project-specific estimates provided by EDC are reasonable

Standardized tools and templates for reporting GHG data and began explicitly noting GHG impacts and mitigation measures in project approval documentation

8 EDC staff members undertook specialized training on GHG calculations and methodologies

Report EDC’s 2016 climate finance volume

Build EDC’s capacity to monitor climate finance

Implement the OECD Sector Understanding on Export Credits for Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Projects

Begin exploring options for evaluating the carbon impact of EDC’s lending portfolio

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