For EDC to be the go-to solutions provider for exporters over the long term, we need the right people. It’s essential that we attract, retain and engage diverse talent and give people support and opportunities to develop, thrive and achieve their potential.

Our Approach

Diversity and inclusion is an important part of our corporate strategy, allowing us to deliver value and better connect with our customers. Our vision is to have a diverse workforce operating in an inclusive and bilingual environment by 2020. We have a three-year diversity and inclusion action plan that is our roadmap for increasing the diversity of our workforce and measuring progress. It includes targeted workshops and online tutorials, awareness and understanding initiatives, and a robust communication plan.

Annual targets have been set for each year up to and including 2020 for increasing the percentage of women in targeted areas (at the leadership level overall and within the lines of business), as well as the percentages of visible minorities in leadership and Aboriginals at the professional level. Updates are presented quarterly to Human Resources leadership and at least annually to EDC executives and the Board of Directors.

We measure our overall progress against employee representation data reported in the annual Employment Equity Report to the Labour Program of Employment and Social Development Canada and the results of the annual workforce analysis.

Monitoring is also done through scores and perceptions on diversity and workplace conditions in biennial employee engagement surveys.

Our Vision
To have a diverse workforce operating in an inclusive and bilingual environment by 2020
  • 87% of our leadership group, including the entire executive team, completed unconscious bias training. The training makes them more mindful of unconscious beliefs, behaviours and choices that affect organizational culture and business decisions.

  • We rolled out a mandatory Mutual Respect tutorial for all employees to ensure they understand our commitment to providing a work environment free of harassment, discrimination and workplace violence.

  • We created the Diversity and Inclusion Committee made up of a cross-section of employees and led by a senior vice-president to increase the visibility of diversity and inclusion as a corporate priority and provide governance and focus for related initiatives.

  • Several employee events and “lunch & learns” were held on topics such as Aboriginal awareness, mental health, helping Syrian refugees and career mentoring of new immigrants.

  • Our internal Diversity 2020 Diversité Blog, led by a volunteer group of employees, is sparking diversity conservations on a range of topics in the workplace. Bloggers are champions for specific audiences, including women, visible minorities, LGBT, new Canadians and Gen Y staff.

Mandatory Mutual Respect
tutorial reinforces our commitment
to a respectful workplace