Our community investment program focuses on making meaningful, mutually beneficial investments in the communities in which we live and work.

Our Approach

The community investment program focuses on three priority areas:

Youth education (including scholarships, partnerships with universities and associations and sponsorships) – EDC awards 30 international business scholarships annually to post-secondary students and supports educational initiatives such as case competitions.

Small enterprise development in emerging markets – Our relationship with CARE Canada, currently in its seventh year, sees EDC employees contributing to small business development projects around the world. This partnership allows our employees to enhance important skills such as adaptability, problem-solving and intercultural communication while providing business expertise to CARE offices internationally. To date, 26 employees have taken part, lending their expertise through four-month assignments to CARE’s programming in India, Morocco, Peru, Sri Lanka, Zambia, and Ottawa, Canada. In addition to sharing employees’ knowledge and skills, EDC invests $180,000 each year in the partnership.

Charitable giving – We support our employees’ volunteer efforts in the community by making donations to their charities. When possible, we also match employee donations to help disaster relief efforts around the world.

We measure the effectiveness of our community investment program through employee participation rates, feedback from employees engaging in specific initiatives, and periodic strategic program reviews.

  • We conducted a strategic review of our programs, partnerships and sponsorships to evaluate their impact and better align with overall community investment program objectives. As a result, we renewed certain partnerships, made changes to some, and moved away from others.

  • 2015 international business scholarships were awarded to 30 students from 20 different institutions across seven provinces.

  • EDC supported more than 30 Canadian registered charities with donations totalling $69,500 through Charitable Donations Program. See our website for the list of charities supported.

  • Through our disaster relief program, EDC donated $11,165 to the Humanitarian Coalition to help fund relief efforts following the earthquakes in Nepal, and $17,909 to the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization to help Syrian refugee resettlement efforts in Canada. Donations were a direct match to individual employee donations.

55% increase
in the number of employee applications for funding to support the charities where they volunteer on a regular basis

Where We’re Going

In 2016, we will hold our first Community Investment (CI) Day, where employees will have the opportunity to spend half a day volunteering at a local charity.